SAP ABAP Interview Questions


ABAP is abbreviated as Advanced Business Application programming and is a programming language developed by SAP. ABAP is a 4th generation language used for developing and managing SAP application programs that include Reports, Interfaces, Forms, Module pools, Data conversions, user exits, workflows, and BADIs.

ABAP is a default programming language for all languages of SAP and was introduced with the base of JAVA.

Objective & Audiences -

Our objective is to cover the maximum possible interview questions in one place at the topic level with in-depth information for both "Beginners" and "Experts".

The SAP ABAP interview questions module is intended for the readers preparing for interviews in SAP ABAP technology.

Readers can be anyone of having basic knowledge of SAP ABAP technology can go through the interview questions to crack the interview.

What are the topics covered?

We have covered the below topics interview questions that includes detail explanation -