Data Objects

Which objects are independent transport objects?

Below list specifies some of the independent transport objects –

  • Domains
  • Data elements
  • Tables
  • Technical settings for tables
  • Secondary indexes for transparent tables
  • Structures
  • Views
  • Match code objects
  • Match code IDs
  • Lock objects

What are local objects?
What are local objects in SAP?

Local objects are independent units of correction and transport system.

What is a Development class?

Development class enables us to correct and transport related objects as a unit. Related objects from the ABAP/4 repository are assigned to the development class.

What are the two ways for restricting the value range for a domain?

  • By specifying fixed values.
  • By specifying a value table.

What are base tables of an aggregate object?

The tables producing an aggregate object (primary and secondary) are the base tables of aggregate object.

What is the function of a Domain?

A domain describes the technical settings of a table field. A domain defines a value range, that sets the allowable values for the fields that are referring to this domain. A single domain can be used as origin for any number of fields that are identical in structure.

What is the difference between a structure and a table?

The difference between table and structure are -

Table can store data physically. Structure can't store data physically.
Table can include primary key. Structure can't include primary key.
Table can include technical attribute. Structure can't have a technical attribute.

Is there any way to restrict value range for a domain?

Yes. We can use fixed values to further restrict the value range of a domain. If we define fixed values for a domain, these are used in the input check in screen templates.

How do we describe activation?

At the time of activation, the runtime object is created. These are buffered for the purpose of faster access from the application program. If we take table as example, it contains details regarding the following objects of table - domain, data elements, field definition, table definition.

How to transport text elements in SAP ABAP?

If it is first time, text elements automatically transport along with the program. If we change them next time, it asks for TR. The elements gets moved, when TR gets moved.

What is client dependent objects in ABAP/SAP?

SAP Script layout, text element, and some DDIC objects.