What is types statement in SAP ABAP programing?
How do we separate these statements: ASSIGN and MOVE?

ASSIGN: At data object assigning, the data objects technical attributes are verified by the system for compatibility with every type specifications of the field symbol (ASSIGN TO). General attributes can be taken by the field symbol if they are not found in the field type specifications.
MOVE: The MOVE statement is used for providing data object values to variables. It can be found as text symbol, literal, constant but it is not necessary to be found as a variable.

What is the use of CONDENSE statement in ABAP programming?

CONDENSE statement used to remove blank characters.

What ABAP statement will trigger list generation?

The first WRITE statement encountered in an ABAP program triggers the list processing. Upon completion of the program, the list is output. The system generates some standard headings for list output that includes the program name and a page number in the heading.

What two statements are required in an ABAP program to output an icon using a write statement?

There are 2 statements required in the ABAP program -

  • The INCLUDE statement is required in the program.
  • The WRITE statement will have the following syntax - WRITE AS ICON.

How do we make a separation between these terms: appending, input, and output?

Appending used to write the record at the end of the file after opening.
Input used to read the file until end of the file after opening.
Output used to write the records to the file from beginning after opening. If any records already existed in the file, that are overwritten in Output.

What is the syntax and function used for command AUTHORITY CHECK?


The authorization verification from the user for starting a specific action is made by AUTHORITY CHECK.

What is the role of the following commands: IMPORT and EXPORT? When we use IMPORT? what is the way for passing multiple data groups?

IMPORT: The statement used or reading the data objects from the memory into a ABAP/4 program. IMPORT has the following syntax - IMPORT … FROM MEMORY ID. The data objects that are read found in a memory cluster in the form of a list. Without the option "TO" the same name will be found at assigning the data object from the memory to the one from the application.

EXPORT: The statement used for reading data objects from the ABAP/4 program into memory. EXPORT has the following syntax - EXPORT … TO MEMORY ID. A cluster in the memory where the data objects are deposited in the form of a list.

How do we describe the “CHECK” statements and what is their mechanism?

The "Check" statement is used for finishing one loop conditionally, when the condition says true the rest of the statements from the actual statement block gets ignored and begin the next loop.