What is Modularization and its benefits?

If the program contains the same or similar blocks of statements or required to process the same function several times, we can avoid redundancy by using modularization techniques. By using modularizing, we can make the ABAP/4 programs easy to read and improve their structure. Modularized programs are also easier to maintain and to update.

Explain the benefits of modularization technique?
What is the benefit of using modularization techniques?

By using modularization techniques, we can -

  • Avoid redundancy by reusing the code block wherever required.
  • Make them easy to read and improve their structure.
  • Make them easier to maintain and update.

How can you create callable modules of program code within one ABAP/4 program?

Callable modules can be created -

  • By defining Macros.
  • By creating include programs in the library.

Why do we use logical blocks in ABAP program?

Modularization involves the organizing the programs as modular units which are also called as logical blocks. It reduces redundancy and increases program readability during the maintenance cycle.

On which event we can validate the input fields in module programs?