SAP Scripts

What are the components of SAP scripts?

SAP scripts are a word processing tool. It has a function like standard text and layout sets. Its layout set consists of - Windows and pages, Character formats, Paragraph formats etc.

How can you debug a script form?

To debug a script form, go through the below menu path -
SE71 -> enter the form name -> utilities -> activate debugger

Mention the components of SAP Scripts?

SAP scripts are word processing tools. So, the functions in SAP scripts relate to standard texts and layout sets. These layouts have several components, that are -

  • Windows and Pages
  • Character Formats
  • Paragraph Formats
  • Fonts

What are the different functions used in Sap Script? What are the parameters used in each function?
What are the function modules used in a Sap Script driver program?
Mention the different functions of the SAP Script?

There are three different functions used in SAP Script -


Parameters in Each Function -

    • Exporting
    • Form
    • Language
    • Exporting
    • Element
    • Window

What are standard layouts sets in the Sap Script?

There are four standard layouts in the SAP Script -

  • Header
  • Logo
  • Main Window
  • Footer

Difference between Sap Script and Report?

SAP Script is an integrated text management system of the SAP R/3 System. Those are two types -

  • PC Editor
  • Line Editor

What are the types of windows in Sap Script?

There are five Standard Layouts in SAP Script -

  • Page
  • Window
  • Page Window
  • Paragraph Format
  • Character Format

Logo in Sap Script?

RSTXLDMC OR Steps for making and inserting Logo in SAP Script -
First Procedure -

  • Draw the picture
  • Save it
  • SE78
  • Write name & Choose Color
  • Click on Import
  • Browse picture
  • Enter

Second Procedure -

  • SE71
  • Insert
  • Graphics
  • Click on stored on document server
  • Execute
  • Choose name of BMAP

If I forgot some command in Sap Script E.g.: Suppress Zero Display - How to find it?

This command used to suppress the entire screens. This command allows us to perform screen processing "in the background". Suppressing screens is useful when we are branching to list-mode from a transaction dialog step.

Can there be more than 1 main window in Sap Script?

No, there cannot be more than 1 main window in SAP Script because in WRITE_FORM, it asks for the parameter Window that will create the problem.

  • Exporting
  • Element
  • Window

How to debug a script in ABAP?

Go to SE71, give layout set name, go to utilities select debugger mode on.

In Sap Scripts, how will you link form with the event driven?

In PAI, define function code and write code for the same.

How many default tab Strips are there? How to insert more tabs in it?

There are 2 default Tab strips. Screen painter attributes contain Tab Title, that is used to insert more tabs in tab strip.

What is the meaning of an SAP Script and what is the role of it?

SAPScript is a tool used to create and maintain forms for sending across and mass printing. The tool can develop the forms that supports printing, faxing, e-mailing or XML generated outputs.
Scripts are older version of SAP print forms. SAP Scripts are client dependent and not visible to other clients. Advanced version of script is client independent and they will be visible in all clients.
SE71 is the transaction code for creating SAPScripts. The SAP system has a standard SAPscript form that are used as a template for form creation. The SAPScript form structure contains of 2 key components and those are −

  • Content − This can be either text or graphics.
  • Layout − The form content appears.

Which are the variables that we can utilize for data output in SAP Script?

Tables, name-fields

What is the meaning of a Compare Tool in SAP Script?

There are many utilities within SAP Script for object comparison between clients. With the Compare Tool, we can make many things like - verifying if an object can be found in each of the two clients or showing why multiple versions of an object are different. For the page layout management or format the text in a document, we can use Layout Sets. The Standard styles and layout sets are found in Client 000 in the SAP system.

How can we describe better the SAP Script?

SAP Script is the text handling system of SAP R/3 and it has a high degree of integration in the SAP system. It is standard and most used tool for several tasks that involves the processing of text in the entire SAP system.

Can we describe the way in which the Layout Sets are backed up, uploaded, and downloaded in SAP Script?

For the SAP Script backup, we have go to transaction SE71 to select utilities. And then copy from client then Give source from name then source client (000 default) and Target from name. For downloading, we should go to transaction SE71. We must write the name of the form and then select Display, utilities, form info, List and hit Save to PC file.
For upload, we should create form with page and then window, pagewindow with the downloaded PC file.

What is the way to count pages the SAP Script outputs?

page, nextPage.

How can we classify the SAP Script components?

SAP Script can be classified into - SAP Script text, Layout Set, Symbols, ABAP print program and function modules such as read text, open/close form and others.

What is the way to deposit the text in SAP Script?

For text storage, SAO Script uses ITF or the Interchange Text Format. However, it has the options to convert RTF or Rich Text Format and ASCII that are formats for other text processors.

What activity is the most time-consuming from all in SAP Script coding?

The most time-consuming is when we define Layout Sets.

How do we define the data tab space in SAP Script and where?

We may define the tabs after we define the text element paragraphs.

How can we introduce a logo in our program and what is the name of the program for logo upload and what syntax can be used for this in SAP Script?

We can use the “RSTXLDMC” report for uploading a logo and the statement to upload is - /:INCLUDE ’ZHEX-MACRO-XXX’ OBJECTTEXTID ST LANGUAGE ’E’. The name of the object is represented by ‘XXX’.

What purpose has an ABAP application in SAP Script?

The purpose of an ABAP application can include multiple things like -

  • It produces the processing logic definition of the Layout Set, or what order the elements of text have and when are they used again.
  • It brings the data from the R/3 program that is found in the database.
  • It selects a Layout Set to print.
  • Chooses printer, fax or monitor as the output device.
  • It gives print configurations regarding the counting of pages that are going to print.

How do we import or use graphics in Sap Script?

For importing graphics in SAP, use the transaction SE78.

How do we load graphics like logos in SAP Script?

We can load graphics like files with the .tif extension in SAP Script in standard text with the aid of RSTXLDMC.

Which are the most used programs from SAP Script?

RSTXFCON used for the transformation of the page format.
RSTXSCRP used for downloading and uploading the layout sets.
RSTXDBUG used for the debugging of SAP Script.
RSTXSCRP used for moving script files from system to system.
RSWBO052 used to modify development classes of different objects.
RSTBSERV used for table contents comparison between clients.

How can we copy a table from client to client?

RSCLTCOP used to copy a table from client to client.

How to debug sapscripts?
How do we debug sapscript?
How to debug sapscripts in SAP?

Two ways to debug SAPSCRIPT. Those are -

  • Go to SE71 and from menu bar select Utilities -> activate debugger. Then go to SE38 to execute the print program, it automatically goes to debugging mode.
  • Run the program RSTXDBUG in SE38. Execute it. A message show that debugger is activated. Now open the print program in se38 and execute, we will notice that the print program is automatically diverted to debugging mode.

Why sapscripts are client dependent and smart forms are client independent.?
Are sapscripts client dependent or independent?

Smart forms create its own function module. So, it does not required to transport the request through SCC1 as all the Development Object are stored in client independent tables. Whereas SAP Script does not generate any function module while executing so we need to transport the request number through SCC1. Sap script is stored inside the client depended table as a TEXT. So sapscripts are client dependent and smartforms are client independent.

What are components of Layout Set in sapscript?

Header Data, Page, Page Windows, Windows, Paragraph Format and Character Format are the components of sapscript layout.

Differentiate between Page1 & Page2 format in sapscript?

Page1 format - In this all pages have the same format.
Page2 format - In this there is variation in page format i.e. first page has different format than second page.

How many main windows can we define per form and per page in sapscripts?

In sapscripts, we can define one main window and 99 windows per page.

Differentiate between Character format & Paragraph format in sapscript?

Paragraph format is used for formatting a paragraph and we can add tabs in paragraph format. We can use character format in paragraph format.
Character format are used for assigning various attributes of font like size, type, bold etc.

How will create standard text? How will you insert standard text in SAP Script?

SO10 is the transaction code for creating standard texts. To create standard text in SE71, go to main menu -> insert -> standard text or by using control command.

Can we use Function Modules in sapscript layout set?

No, we cannot use Function Modules in sapscript layout set.

Can we use Subroutine within a sapscript Layout set?

Yes, we can use suproutines/performs in sapscript layout set.

Can we call another Form from same print program in sapscript?

Yes, we can call other forms in the same print program/driver program.

How do you upload logo in SAP script?

We can upload logo using standard program RSTXLDMC or using transaction code SE78.

What are the differences between scripts & smart forms?
Tcode used to download / upload sapscript?


How can we implement the tab sets in Layout Sets?

We can do implement by defining the paragraphs using defined tabs.

What is the way to define the text symbols?

We can define the text symbols with the aid of the control command DEFINE x1='56'.

What commands are used in ABAP/4 for connecting a Layout Set?

We can use the following: the call functions OPEN-form, WRITE-form or CLOSE-form.

Which are the commands mainly used for control SAP Scripts?