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What is a Match Code?

Match Code is a tool to help us to search for data records in the system. Match codes are an efficient and user-friendly search tool where key of a record is unknown.

What are the two levels in defining a Match Code?

  • Match Code object
  • Match Code Id

What is the maximum number of match code Id’s that can be defined for one Match code object?

A match code ID is a one-character ID that can be either a letter or a number.

Can we define our own Match Code ID’s for SAP Match codes?

Yes, the numbers 0 to 9 are reserved for us to create our own Match Code IDs for SAP defined match code object.

What is an update type with reference to a Match code ID?

If the data in one of the base tables of a match code ID changes, the match code data should be updated. The update type specifies when the match code is to be updated and how it is to be updated. The update type also specifies which method should use for Building match codes. We should specify the update type when you define a match code ID.

Can match code object contain IDs with different update types?


What are the update types possible?

  • The following update types are possible -
  • Update type A: The matchcode data is updated asynchronously to database changes.
  • Update type S: The matchcode data is updated synchronously to database changes.
  • Update type P: The matchcode data is updated by the application program.
  • Update type I: Access to the matchcode data is managed using a database view.
  • Update type K: Access to the matchcode is achieved by calling a function module.

What is input template in search help?

The input template often contains more fields (often only display fields) containing further explanatory information about the search field. The input help should also update the contents of these fields in this case.